Paul Baird-Murray

Licensee/ Director

Paul has an extensive knowledge in Sales, Marketing, Management and the Real Estate Profession. He has been the State Training Manager for L J Hooker in WA, SA and VIC.

Paul's Previous Role before the business owner of L J Hooker Rockingham & Baldivis Branch was L J Hooker Western Australia State Manager. His passion for customer service and desire to developing his team is a key strength within the business that he partners with Ingrid Feinauer.

Both Ingrid and Paul are keen property Investors and know the ups and downs of owning property this helping them both have a true understanding of the different changes the property cycle presents. Paul Like Ingrid is passionate about building the business with quality skilled team members that are continually educated to enhance their skills to ensure the team in both Property Management and Sales are equipped to deliver a service that is the best available.

What our customers say

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I have been working for Ingrid & Paul at LJ Hooker Rockingham for the last six months, it has been a pleasure working for knowledgeable directors. With Ingrid having been in the Real Estate industry for over 20 years, I have been lucky enough to have gained a lot of knowledge In such a short time from her experiences and success. Part of what makes Ingrid a wonderful boss is her approachable demeanour big smile and good sense of humour. Paul has a very professional and cheerful demeanour. Paul has helped me on several difficult occasions in the past, with his calm and professional approach. I believe it isn’t easy finding a great hard working team whom all get along well, however Ingrid and Paul have done a fantastic job! Both Paul and Ingrid make the office a happy place and I am honoured to be working alongside such wonderful directors and their hard working team

Ash Whitehurst- Property Investment Manager

I have been a successful Property Manager at LJ Hooker Rockingham for two years now whilst working for Ingrid and Paul. I have been fortunate enough to have received such a vast range in training and understanding of the Property Management Industry. Ingrid has had over 20 years’ experience and knowledge within Real-Estate and one of the best things I have found is that Ingrid, being my employer and leader is an experienced Property Manager herself and is very understanding of the roles and is able to relate to any experiences we may have. Ingrid is very approachable, warm hearted and is easy to talk to on a business level but also on a personal level. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Ingrid, Paul and the LJ Hooker Team! I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute being in such a positive office. I would like to thank Ingrid for the wonderful opportunity she has given me to work alongside her and how proud I am to work for LJ Hooker Rockingham and can’t wait to see what the future brings! Paul is head of the Sales Team, however I have had the pleasure of working alongside Paul from time to time. Paul and his calm and happy personality has helped me resolve a lot of situations I have come across in a professional manor. I have enjoyed working with Paul for the last 2 years and look forward to the rewarding success in the future.

Abbie Temby- Property Investment Manager

Paul is a fantastic boss. Full of charm and charisma. He is always sharing a laugh and is always genuinely interested in how everyone is. With my role within the office as leasing agent, when we have a busy period and there is a higher than usual work load Paul is always first to put up his hand to go and do rental viewings on my behalf so office time can be utilised. He is always a big help and I know there aren’t many bosses who will often do this for their employees and show the level of care that Paul has! I have been provided with so many different opportunities since working for the company. Qualifying for awards for the LJ Hooker Summit in Sydney in 2014 and Melbourne 2015, Ingrid and Paul have flown me to each event with flights and accommodation included! It is a great thing to be awarded for the hard work that you do and I know most bosses would not even consider this! The experiences I have had are phenomenal! I always love his stories and shared insight with the team. His high moral standards are something to aspire to. I think he is a fantastic boss.

Nico Dowding - Leasing Consultant

I have known Paul over the course of 10 years as part of the LJ Hooker group. When I came to work at LJ Hooker Rockingham I found a team that worked fluidly under a group of business owners who work in unison to achieve a common goal. Both Paul and Ingrid are passionate about building a team of quality and skilled people to help grow the business and provide the community with the best real estate service. Paul understands the importance of training in an ever changing industry and runs weekly sessions with the sales team and provides support and advice to the team on a daily basis. Paul is an approachable leader and will work alongside all team members to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Clare Dickson- Business Development Manager