Landlord Information

Landlord Information

Property Management

Property investing is a serious business and just like any other investment it should be approached carefully and with good research and advice. An excellent property management team is crucial to the success of your investment property journey.

LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis has been continually operating since 1993. LJ Hooker Rockingham has gone from strength to strength since 1993 and is amongst the market leaders within the LJ Hooker network internationally.
People and being of service are everything to our business. At LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis we strive to provide a balance to everyone, including staff and clients. We have built a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate people. Our office promotes positive energy and an environment that is often referred to as a family.

What We Can Do For You

You already have a busy life and career, you don’t need to do our job too!
•           Generating marketing campaigns and advertising the property
•           Conduct property viewings and provide feedback reports to the owner after each viewing
•           Processing applications, including tenancy database checks
•           Lease preparation and meeting with tenants to sign new tenancy agreements and lease renewals
•           Collection and receipting of rent and bond funds
•           Monitoring the regular payment of rent and issuing any notices at the earliest opportunity in accordance with the RTA
•           Conducting quarterly inspections and reporting to the owner on the condition of the property. Issuing notices to tenant if property is not presented to a suitable standard
•           Advising on any repairs or maintenance and contacting the owner before undertaking repairs
•           Arranging tradespeople to quote, undertake repairs, supervise and report to the owner
•           Invoicing tenants for water consumption and monitor payment of accounts
•           Regular updates on market conditions
•           Co-coordinating lease renewals and the preparation of new leases
•           Compiling monthly income and expense reports and make payments to the owner as per their individual requirements.
•           Providing the owner with a 12-monthly income and expense report for taxation purposes
•           Ensuring prompt payment of regular and ongoing accounts such as levies, rates, insurance, etc. as per your instructions to us.
•           Resolve disputes and attend the residential tenancy tribunal if required

 What Is Special About LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis?

1. Earn 10,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points*
LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis is currently offering 10,000 frequent flyer points on every 2 year management signed.
*Terms and conditions apply

2. Our passion for our people
Being of service to our clientele is one of the most important parts of our business. At LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis we strive to provide the best service we can offer to both our staff and our clients. 
We have built a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate people. Our office promotes positive energy and an environment that is often referred to as a home away from home.

3. Our Passion for our business
At LJ Hooker Rockingham, coming to work is not a chore, it is enjoyable and rewarding. The team wants to be here and wants to be of service to all of our clients.

4. 90 years of innovation.
Over the past century, modern Australia has been built on a foundation of hard work and passion, and its people, due to their geographic distance, have developed an innovative spirit.
LJ Hooker and the hundreds of thousands of people who have formed its teams over the years have played a significant part in the development of the nation. Now, 90 years since inception, LJ Hooker stands apart from its peers as the most trusted real estate brand in Australia.

5. Elite, award winning team!
We feel very humbled to have been recognised for a number of awards. Whether they are individual or office awards we know they recognise the team behind the LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis brand.
We appreciate the accolades however we do not rest. We continue to strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience for all of our clients.
To see our awards, click here.

6. #1 Brand in Real Estate*.
Research says we’re Australia’s #1 real estate brand.
For most of us, our properties are our most valuable asset. So when you make real estate decisions, it's important to entrust your asset with specialists everyone recognises.

*Source: 2015 National Brand Track – Galaxy

Professional Standards

We personally guarantee:
✓         To ensure the strictest checks are carried out on the tenants that apply to reside in your property.
✓         To ensure we use all tenant databases to thoroughly check the history of all applicants prior to agreement.
✓         To ensure we always maintain your property investment with all due care and attention.
✓         To ensure we carry out the timely inspections and at the agreed investment fee.
✓         To communicate with you at regular intervals throughout the year and when required.
✓         To ensure your property is giving you the best return, we monitor market changes and review rent returns.
✓         To take all possible steps to achieve the highest possible rent return for your property.
✓         To advise you on your legal obligations as a property owner and how to best avoid complications.
✓         To personally promote and market your property, as per the agreed marketing campaign.
✓         To open your property for inspection, allowing us to meet and interview your prospective tenants.
✓         To offer you services and the benefits of our Australasian network, of over 712 offices.
✓         To provide you with professional, easy to understand statements of accounts.
✓         To keep you informed of the progress of our marketing campaign over the letting process.
✓         To respect your privacy and security by ensuring that all prospective tenants deal only through LJ Hooker.
✓         To provide you with a team of only qualified, well trained property managers to look after your property.
✓         To provide your tenants 24 hour assistance in case of emergencies.
✓         To be honest and open about all issues relating to your property thus ensuring you are always informed.
✓         To provide a courteous and professional service by all our qualified and trained personnel at all times.

 Why Do You Need A Property Manager?

Allow LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis to help you manage your investment property with peace of mind that you are in great hands.

LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis has a team of experienced property managers who can help make sure you receive a reliable income stream, excellent capital growth and the best returns possible - as well as a guarantee of exceptional customer service.

You will receive regular and thorough property inspection reports, copies of all important documents and a regular review of rent rates within the local market to help you achieve the best return on your investment. 

The key roles of an LJ Hooker Property Manager:

  • Advertising your property for rent

  • Open your rental property for viewings

  • Screening tenants including reference checks, rental history review 

  • Manage the condition report process 

  • Manage the tenancy agreement signing process and handling questions

  • Manage your financial accounts for the investment property and provide regular reports

  • Inspect the property on a regular basis

  • Organise tradespeople for repairs and maintenance

How Do I Give You Our Property to Manage?

That’s easy! Just give our Business Development Manager Ashleigh Lenz a call on 0405 812 622.
Ashleigh will set up an appointment with you to appraise your property. She will also give you any information you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

Marketing Your Property

LJ Hooker rents a property every 1.27 minutes* a day
Our understanding of the market conditions, pricing your investment correctly, as well as offering our professional advice on preparing your property for lease. We exhaust all avenues of marketing to attract the attention of prospective tenants.
We offer 3 different marketing options to suit your budget. The more prominent your property is when advertising for a new tenant, the more interest we receive.
*Australia and New Zealand rental data 2008, based on a 40 hour working week

Leasing Your Property

You sit back and relax while we investigate.
Through experience, we have learnt that if you match the right tenant to the property, there is a long and happy co-existence between Tenant, Landlord and Agent. And through experience, we have become highly skilled in assessing the suitability of potential tenants.
We thoroughly screen tenant applications and have access to REIWA and TICA rent check to ensure only the most qualified tenants are considered for your most valuable asset.
We understand that a tenant can make or break a property, and it is not enough to simply place a tenant in your property. They need to be the right tenant to ensure that your property will be well-maintained and hold its value.
Prospective tenants are always accompanied by a representative from our office at viewings.
In the unlikely event that a dispute between tenant and landlord cannot be resolved, we will take care of all the paperwork and represent you in court.

Management Fees

We offer 3 different marketing options to suit your budget. The more prominent your property is when advertising for a new tenant, the more interest we receive.
Please contact our Business Development Manager Ashleigh Lenz on 0405 812 622 for more information.

Rent Collection

Our property managers will work to ensure your tenants pay their rent on time. Consistent rent collection is the key to receiving rent payments on time and they will enforce lease policies if payments aren’t received.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rent Payments.
Our agency has a “Zero Tolerance Rent Arrears Policy”. A notice in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act will be issued to your tenant immediately on the second day of rent falling into arrears. Discussion with our client as to how to rectify, will follow if the problem is not fully remedied. We ask tenants to contact us if they are in a position of paying rent late.

Property Outgoings & Statements

All property outgoings and maintenance expenses will be paid for on your behalf (subject to the availability of funds) as agreed.
We will provide you with a professional, easy to understand statement of accounts on a monthly basis.
You will also receive a full financial year summary of income and expenditure for the financial period.


Property Condition Reports:
A PROPERTY CONDITION REPORT (PCR) is a comprehensive inventory report used to describe the condition of a property and to assess it prior to a tenant taking occupation. This report protects the condition of the property and is used as a comparative tool when the tenant vacates. We also provide from 500 supporting digital photos with each report.
A copy of the INGOING PCR is given to the ingoing tenant at “sign-up” (together with a letter of explanation) in order to allow him/her to agree or disagree with the assessment. You will also receive a copy of this report and photos for your records.

Routine Inspections:
At LJ Hooker Rockingham | Baldivis we personally inspect all our rental properties quarterly to ensure the tenant is maintaining your investment in the correct manner.
Our ROUTINE INSPECTIONS are compiled of a video at the property detailing all aspects of the property and how they are presented at the time of the inspection. The purpose of the video is not only to monitor how the tenant is keeping the property but also to monitor the general condition of the home and report any maintenance required at the property. Our advice on maintenance is provided in an effort to keep the property in good condition in order to achieve maximum financial return for your investment. A link for the video is emailed to you within the week of the inspection being completed.

In the event that the tenants are not caring for the premises in accordance with their lease agreement, we take the necessary action to rectify the problem. A further inspection will be conducted at a reduced expense.
To keep our landlords up to date, all problems are immediately reported and remedial action discussed.
With your best interest at heart we want to assist you to maintain or improve your property to ensure you achieve maximum income and capital growth. We work closely with a team of reputable tradespeople who are available to immediately repair problems that occur and our Property Management team has the capacity to organize all manner of maintenance.

Repairs & Maintenance

We understand the importance of keeping your rental properties well maintained. Not only are tenants entitled by law to have a safe and habitable living environment, it is also in your financial interest to ensure that the property is kept in good condition. After all, without rent coming in regularly each month, a property is worthless.
We require all tenants to lodge all maintenance items via Maintenance Manager. Maintenance requests will be acknowledged by your Property Manager as soon as practicable of receipt. The Property Manager will then take the appropriate action with your instructions for the repair request.

If the request progresses, you will also receive emails to advise what is happening, when trade suppliers have been assigned, which trades person will be attending to the job and the scheduled date for the work etc.

Once the maintenance issue has been attended to, you may receive an email to advise you that the trade supplier has informed us that the job is complete.

Tenancy Agreement Renewal

If a property has a high quality tenant in place then the most viable option would be to try securing the tenant for a longer period. In doing this we can offer the tenant a longer term lease and possibly review the rent if the market conditions permit. This will in turn keep the vacancies to a minimum and minimise the costs relating to a vacating tenant and in turn maximising your investment.

Tenancy Agreement Finalisation

A PRE-VACATION BOND inspection is undertaken when a tenant gives notice of intention to vacate and enables the tenant to be advised of areas which will require attention prior to them vacating and returning the keys. This pre-vacation bond inspection is designed to minimise the potential issues which may arise when a tenant vacates.

The VACATING BOND INSPECTION determines the amount of maintenance required to return the property to its original condition taking into account fair wear and tear. Comparison is drawn from the Ingoing Property Condition Report to determine if the tenant has left the property in an acceptable condition. We will negotiate with the tenant any items which require attention from the bond inspection in order to have them addressed directly by the tenant or carried out by contractors and deducted from the bond funds held.

Preparing For Viewings

To achieve the best price for the investment it is imperative that your investment is presented to its best potential to attract a quality tenant to the property. Negatives give tenants bargaining power and lead to price reductions and this is what we need to avoid. It is no secret that well maintained homes attract quality tenants.
We aim to ensure that when a tenant vacates that property, there are no surprises left behind. While some tenants may feel we are overly particular, we are serious about looking after your property and maintaining its value.

We understand the importance of keeping your rental properties well maintained. Not only are tenants entitled by law to have a safe and habitable living environment, it is also in your financial interest to ensure that the property is kept in good condition. After all, without rent coming in regularly each month, a property is worthless.

When viewing the upkeep of your rental property, keep your perspective not only from the business side, but also from the tenants. Regular maintenance and management of your property will help prevent damage and decrease the likelihood of missed income in between tenants.

Helpful Contacts

LJ Hooker Rockingham Business Development Manager:
Ashleigh Lenz - 0405 812 622 –

LJ Hooker Rockingham Office
08 9528 8900 –

Plumbing & Gas:
LADS Plumbing & Gas on 0412 441 930
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Greg's Glass (08) 9527 8195

Coastal Electrics on 0408 940 525
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James Girling Repairs – 0400 658 662
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